My car is me: How eBay can help you with your next automotive task

Working on your car just got a little easier thanks to eBay Garage.

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by Ryan Gilmore |
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There's nothing quite as fun as tinkering with a modern classic, spending hours working away with oily hands to keep the in top nick. That is until you have to order spare parts and are left with insanely long delivery times or sub-par quality goods, not good.

But did you know that eBay has a rich selection of spare parts available for a huge number of cars, including some excellent modern classics? Some car manufacturers even have official stores stocking everything from air filters to alternators. The eBay garage feature is a real gem for car enthusiasts and it couldn't be simpler to use, all you need to do is enter your car's details (the reg will do) and eBay will filter the parts that fit. This means parts for a modern classic car will be super easy.

Picking up the big bits

The crown jewel of eBay Motors is the selection of big, important parts for a wide range of older cars. It's not just the simple belts, filters and bulbs either, eBay Motors offers full body panels as well as important components including brake callipers, clutch assemblies and suspension components.

A full set of genuine Cosworth alloys can be found right on the official Ford store.

This genuine brake disc will fit E35, E46 and E85 generation BMWs.

The dull but essential parts

While you're busying yourself looking for every conceivable spare part available, remember that the eBay Garage can be used to find basic consumable parts you'll probably be very familiar with. For example, this allows you to find the correct air, oil and cabin filters for your car.

This air filter fits the iconic Ford Mondeo ST200 and less iconic Cougar.

The oil filter fits the R50, R52 and M53 Mini.

The eBay garage feature can also help you find the correct fluids for your car. While this information is readily available in your car's handbook, this feature makes finding the right products online really easily.

Visual upgrades

It's worth remembering that certain parts of your car can be repaired instead of being replaced. Not only will this save you cash but it's a more eco-minded choice. Take clouded headlights as a good example, you can buy restoration kits that use polishing compounds and sandpaper to make them look brand new again and save you the cost of a new unit.

Turning to the inside of your car and you'll probably be aware that tired leather can crack, not a good look. Did you also know that you can get leather seat repair kits on eBay that will save you a costly trip to an upholsterer and keep your seats protected.

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