Road trip time!

Road trip time

by James Walshe |

If you’re planning to get away this year, here’s some advice on what to think about taking with you. If problems arise, your biggest headache will be obtaining spares or suitable bodging equipment.

Road trip time

Acquire a stout bag and assemble the following: length of wire; insulation tape; various jubilee clips; fan belt; brushes for starter and dynamo/alternator; points and condenser; ignition coil; fuel pump; water pump; gasket set; gasket sealant. If your car uses inner tubes, take a spare one.

Also carry a toolkit comprising: spanners and screwdrivers, pliers, hammer, sharp knife, wheelbrace, jack and tool to remove hubcaps, tyre pump and gauge, test lamp or multimeter, tow rope, jerry can and torch or inspection lamp. Finally, throw in some spare bulbs, a warning triangle, reflective vest and first aid kit.

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