PRACTICAL CLASSICs - september 2017

Packed with more cars than you can shake a spanner at!

In this issue, we check out the classics we reckon you should consider buying now, before values get silly.

There's a fantastic Granada restoration story, plus a young lad obsessed with Marinas.

And of course the most comprehensive guides to restoring, maintaining and fixing your classic!

the sleeping giants

We’ve reached an interesting point in time regarding classic car values. At the top end of the market, prices appear to have stagnated, meaning that investors may (at last) soon be trading in another sphere.

Lower down the price chain values are still rising slowly as the hobby enjoys ongoing popularity – but where are the clever bargains? You have to look really hard to spot the cars that will please your wallet as much as your driving trousers: so… we’ve looked. And we found these beauties.

Read all about it in the latest issue of Practical Classics!



ford granada restoration

Matt_Howell_Cafe_ 649.jpg

When searching for an exciting new project, some enthusiasts end up with a classic they’d never dreamt of owning, while others know exactly what they want. Serial Ford Granada owner Andrew Hunter fell squarely into the latter camp at the beginning of 2014, when looking for a car to restore.

‘I have owned all sorts of Granadas over the years, even including a limousine and a hearse,’ says Andrew. ‘I have owned a MkII 2.8i Ghia X estate since 1999, and what I really wanted was a Ghia X saloon to match.’ Having upgraded to his first Granada after a Cortina MkV almost thirty years ago, Andrew set out to find his dream car with single-minded determination....

MARINA MAN saves the day!


Youngster Alex Parrot’s first car holds a far better story than most. A Corsa, Fiesta or Twingo it aint; it’s far better than that. It’s a 1977 MkII Morris Marina 1.3 Deluxe Coupé.

It was while installing some mobility equipment for his family business into a great uncle’s house in London that he spied the remains of a garage hidden almost in its entirety buy undergrowth. ‘The garage was so rotten that when we tried to open it, the doors fell off’ laughs Alex. `I was 16 at the time and it was my dad who told me what the car was. At that point, the only knowledge I had of Marinas was based on Top Gear piano stunts and as a result I didn’t appreciate the cars for being as good as they really are’...



loads more stories of adventures, restoration and repair!

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