I love innovative engineering and the cars which sought to offer new solutions to motoring. The Citroen CX is my ultimate favourite - a car unmatched by any other, in my view. (I could bore you for hours talking about that). I'm currently restoring a DS and a Saab 96 - two cars I have always wanted to own. Elsewhere, I have a Smart Roadster, which I have owned for ten years and a £250 Citroen C5 Estate, which I used to waft around the country picking up parts!

CX adventure to ITALY

I decided I needed to take my Citroen CX on a good run, so where better than Italy? Trip of a lifetime actually - wanted to do this journey since childhood so off I went. Car was perfect and reinforced my belief in the CX. It is, above all others, my favourite car in the world!