July 2024

First cars

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In the July 2024 issue of Practical Classics, we reflect on our own early days of driving and showcase your first cars, as well as our own.

First cars

Danny fondly recalls his Morris Marina, Craig Cheetham talks Allegros and James gets misty eyed over having to scrap his Talbot Samba back in the 2000s. Meanwhile, Matt George and Matt Tomkins still have their first cars – a Morris Minor and Triumph 2000. Also in this issue, we find out why the Clan Crusader was one of the most innovative cars of the 1970s through the words of a man who restored his, while we meet an enthusiast who loved restoring his Triumph TR4, he built a miniature version of it! You’ll find pages and pages of handy advice on fixing and maintaining your classic and there are two in-depth guides this month: on the Mk1 Vauxhall Cavalier and Alfa Romeo 156. Danny celebrates 30 years of the Aston Martin DB7 and James hits the road to Coniston to visit Donald Campbell’s Bluebird K7.

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