August 2021

by James Walshe |
Published on

As you know, we’re all about classics of every type and every era, restored, original or modified… there’s room for all at the Practical Classics workshop!

This month, we meet the man who restored his stunning MG Montego Turbo after dragging it out of the bushes and another enthusiast who has cherished his Ford Sierra XR4i since 1985. (Plus, there’s a detailed Sierra buying guide to help you find your own).

To celebrate the return of the Festival of the Unexceptional this month, we take some truly ‘exceptional unexceptional’ classics to Skegness and discover why a Morris Marina, Citroën BX, Nissan Bluebird, Austin Allegro, Rover 400 and Vauxhall Astra deserve to sit proudly alongside any Porsche or Ferrari.

Speaking of which, we try out a range of Nineties supercars, including a 911, Ferrari F355 and Honda NSX. There are projects cars galore in this issue – from 2CV, Morris Minor and Austin Seven to Triumph GT6, Merc W124 and Saab 9-5. And, of course, more restoration and car maintenance tips than you can shake a spanner at!

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