November 2021

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We go behind the scenes of Salvage Hunters Classic Cars as the cameras roll on their new series and assemble a bunch of classics in a detailed recreation of a road test, which was originally carried out by our sister publication CAR magazine in 1980.

In a big clash of the classics, we bring back a few of the original writers to meet with presenters Drew Pritchard and Paul Cowland. Former CAR writers Richard Bremner and John Simister recall the thrills and spills of 1980s and Nineties motoring journalism and compare notes, while we find out what makes a 21st century classic car TV show tick… from behind the camera.

Elsewhere in Practical Classics this month, there are two incredible restorations - a Land Rover and Porsche 911 – plus the story of one man in Scotland and his love for the Mk1 Astra GTE. There are in-depth guides on how to buy the best TVR Chimaera and Daimler SP250, while Hopkins, Walshe, George, Tomkins and the rest of the Practical Classics team show you what they’ve been up to with their own classics at the magazine workshop.

And there is, of course, more advice and tech tips than you can shake a spanner at. No other magazine covers as much ground as Practical Classics does. In our workshop, all classics are equal!

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