They’re fast, they’re cheap and they’ll put the wind through your hair as well as in your sails! We reveal the roadsters to buy this summer. From the original Audi TT Roadster to the cute little Ford Ka, these modern classics will never be more affordable than they are right now.

Also in this issue… Ahead of the Spring Autojumble, we take a ride to Beaulieu in a Mk1 Cavalier, a 1971 Citroen Ami and a trusty Morris Traveller. We delve into the world of American classics and there are two amazing restorations – a Sunbeam Rapier and a Triumph Herald Estate. We get deep and dirty with our own restorations too, ranging from a Jensen Interceptor and a Citroen DS and many more. Plus… loads of tech advice and tops to help you restore and maintain your classic.

best modern classic roadsters to buy now

Convertibles aren’t much fun in winter. When the cold nights set in, a tin roof and a nice heater matter more than the frost in your hair – but come the summer, many petrolheads like to go topless and let the sun in. We’ve chosen ten of the best modern classic roadsters to buy now.

INCLUDES: Alfa Romeo Spider, Audi TT Roadster, BMW Z3, Fiat Barchetta, Ford StreetKa, Mazda MX-5, Mercedes SLK, MGF, Porsche Boxter, Toyota MR2.

beaulieu or bust

This month, we head to Beaulieu through beautiful English countryside. Whilst Matt pilots his stunning Morris with a grin and Danny reclines in the relative refinement of his Vauxhall, James is overcome with admiration for his chosen car. Engineered specifically to run at full throttle all day long, the 602cc unit was such a precision piece of air-cooled design, it was sealed for life and didn’t need such nonsense as gaskets, drive belts, or water. It delivers a sense of indestructability and confidence. You could, with foot on the floor, cruise (loudly!) flat out at 75mph all day long. Today, however, is all about the journey. The rise and fall of revs and the warmth of friendship, camaraderie and a shared enthusiasm for old cars. We’re on the road to Beaulieu. What could honestly be better than a gentle but purposeful dither through Cotswold roads with a bunch of mates?

sunbeam restoration

We're stood in a pleasant, 1920s motor-house in Christchurch with Gerry, Fred, Danny and a Sunbeam Rapier. The cool, tree-lined streets are sticky with sap and the local beaches are heaving. Then Geoff breezes in: 'Is the kettle on yet?' Gerry fixes him with a glare - 'Where are the doughnuts?'

Doughnuts were Geoff Turner's area of expertise. Gerry Tuffin supplied car, garage and superb metalworking ability. Fred Brown brought various engineering skills to the party and Danny McQuillan had quite a bit of experience. That doesn't do the chaps justice, mind you - they're all ex-employees of the De Havilland aircraft factory at Christchurch, so they know a lot between them...

our projects


Each member of the Practical Classics has their own project. Among them, Danny has his Interceptor, Tomkins has a Morris Minor Convertible and James has a Citroen DS. But will it be ready in time to make it to the PC Restoration Show? You can find out what happened in the latest issue of Practical Classics!