This month, we preview some of Britain’s most loved classics – cars we found while driving around the country on our recent tour of Britain's best roadside cafes.

There’s a big 50th birthday celebration of the Triumph TR5 and a look at its rivals, including the MGC.  You’ll find a brilliant Austin-Healey 3000 restoration story, a commemoration of 40 years of the Porsche 928 and advice on how to buy the greatest city car in history – the Smart City Coupe, early examples of which are rising in value.

Plus, useful tech tips and advice on all manner of different aspects of buying, restoring and maintaining your classic. No other magazine is bursting with this much variety!


triumph vs mgc

The received wisdom tells us that the TR5 is the best TR of the bunch - the greatest Triumph sports car ever made. The same wisdom tells us that the MGC should be avoided. Too heavy, too slow, looks like an MGB with a fat face and handling like a cow.

50 years ago, less than a year before the creation of British Leyland, it was certainly Triumph one, MG nil.... the TR5 combined the beauty of the TR4 with a proper big six grunt and independent rear suspension... the MG was trying to be a Big Healey and failing. Game over.

Funny how the bullet points of history and collected cliches of a generation of motoring scribes can taint the mind. Find out what they're really like, in the latest issue of Practical Classics...


around britain in 45 classics

Our nationwide search for Britain’s Favourite Classic Cafe, supported by Footman James Classic Insurance, was a bit of a big success.

We became a social media viral sensation and every cafe we visited had
a car park full of classics. At each of these pop-up car shows we met and chatted to as many of you as we could… it was a privilege to say hello.

As a thank you, we're featuring many of the cars we encountered and meeting the owners, proving we truly are a nation of classic car enthusiasts. You won't believe the sheer variety of cars, in this latest issue of Practical Classics.

scrapyard terry

Remember those old-fashioned scrapyards of the Sixties, old cars piled high, parts everywhere? One still exists…

‘Yeah there’s crap everywhere,’ laughs Terry, ‘and I tidied up before you came.’ It’s true; he did. There are two less cars in here now… We’d met Terry a few weeks before. While visiting an industrial estate near Bromley we saw a Standard 9 sitting atop a pile of other old vehicles. Within two minutes of chatting to Terry and seeing his workshop and yard, we knew we had to come back with a camera and notepad....



austin healey 3000 Restoration


Read about all the classics joining us for a road trip across the UK.


Read about anything from a Citroen DS to a Ford Model T - our staff working on their own cars!



The spigot bush bearing is a tiny and often forgotten part that has a big effect when it fails.  We suggest you soak the bush in oil for 24 hours – many have a sintered construction that absorbs lubricant. Lightly grease it after installing.