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We're staring winter straight in the face. NOW is the time to buy a modern classic soft top! We present some 'never-to-be-more-affordable options.

There are some cracking restoration stories - including epic revivals of a Bond Bug and Morris Minor van - and a celebration of the Austin 3-Litre. We also dish out advice on buying a BMW 6-Series and loads of tips and guides on restoring and maintaining your classic.

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We hereby introduce this project as the stage car for November’s Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor show at the NEC. It’ll be a replica of Mr Bean’s 1977 Applejack Mini. It has provenance of being owned by the Atkinson family and, as such, fits beautifully with the show’s theme of ‘Family Ties’.

It will be an absolutely epic effort by all staff and specialists to get this car rebuilt in time for the big show. Will we do it...? Read the mag to find out how we're doing!




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The 3-Litre's troubled birth was followed by a very short life. The last luxury Austin had to see off two dynamic new launches from within the same group… The Jaguar XJ6, Rover P6 V8 were both available within 12 months of its launch 50 years ago. Sales were poor and the whole AD061 project was over by the end of May 1971 with less than 10,000 cars produced. The Cowley production line was needed for the Marina and moving 3-litre construction to Longbridge was too costly. Read about this wonderful car in the latest issue...


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Matt loves tinkering with classic cars. Not that he has much of a choice, it would seem. When we turned up to meet him, his friend Ben had just popped over complaining of a misfire on his Triumph 1500 that Matt quickly solved with a new set of points. ‘I end up with most people’s cars here to fix,’ laughs Matt. He swings the door of his garage open. Inside is a stunning Dolomite with just 11,000 Miles on the clock and a Webasto sunroof. ‘I actually bought the car because I loved the sunroof’ smiles Matt. ‘That and the sheer originality of the thing’. The sunroof was specified by the first owner along with mud flaps, an eight track stereo and electric aerial. But the dream was always... a Bond Bug....


Cover story: A bunch of soft-top modern classics that'll never be cheaper to buy!

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loads more stories of adventures, restoration and repair!

We get probing James' Saab with Rustbuster, Danny buys an Omega, we study Mini bits and Sam has a jolly good poke at his Volvo.