practical classics restorer of the year 2017

In association with the Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show 

This year is your chance to choose the top restorer of 2016. All of the restos we featured throughout the year are here, awaiting your vote. The winner will be crowned Practical Classics Restorer of the Year and will win the coveted Golden Spanner award, which will be presented at the Practical Classics Restoration Show (March 31-April 2). It’s a competition like no other – just to be on this list means they’re the cream of the crop – so choose the winner and help celebrate their greatness. The winning car will be on display on the Practical Classics stand at the show.

How to enter

Our 24 resto finalists are listed below. Simply choose your favourite and click the vote button below your preferred car's image before March 4.  The button will automatically prompt you to send an email to enter the number and name of car in the email subject line. For example: 1 Morris Mini Traveller. Please also note, only one vote per email address will be counted.

1-Morris Mini Traveller

Issue: January 2016. Owner: Vic Young
All original but totally ruined when owner Vic bought it, it’s now back from the dead and looking better than ever.

2-Ford Zephyr V8 coupé

Issue: January 2016. Owner: John Titman
Basket case transformed into stunning Q-car whose sleek and stylish looks hide a 5-litre smallblock Ford V8.

3-Ford Fiesta Supersport

Issue: February 2016. Owner: John Holmes
A rolling mechanical rebuild took this Fiesta Supersport to the next level, with a fresh out-the-box driving experience.

4-Jaguar E-TYpe

Issue: February 2016. Owner: Norman Alford
Buying a bargain box of bits was a gamble, but one that paid off for Norman thanks to his patience and determination.

7-rover p6

Issue: April 2016. Owner: Lee Kingham
The last P6 to be delivered to the MET as an undercover car, Lee restored this car to reminisce about his childhood screen heroes.

10-knight industries two thousand (KITT)

Issue: Spring 2016. Owner: Ryan Tissander
This recreation of the TV car driven by the Hoff even introduced itself to PC’s James Walshe.

13-MG Midget

Issue: June 2016. Owner: Steve Adams
Initially bought for its registration number before Steve discovered its rarity. This basket case deserved another chance at life.

16-triumph gt6

Issue: July 2016. Owner: Dave Beardsley
It was a race to the finish for this GT6, which needed to be in one piece ready to travel to the other side of the world.

19-DKW f102

Issue: September 2016. Owner: Paul Collins
The attention to detail here is phenomenal. Phil first had to build the garage then started on the car, fabricating all his own panels.

22- Triumph TR4A

Issue: October 2016. Owner: Paul Anderson
This TR4A was a challenging restoration. Rotten chassis replaced, the workshop flooded,
but perseverance paid off.

March Riley 1.jpg

5-Riley one-point-five

Issue: March 2016. Owner: Rolly Field
23 years in a museum had taken its toll on this little Riley, but Rolly has truly turned back time and turned out a wonderful little car.

April - Alpine resto-1.jpg

8-sunbeam alpine

issue: April 201. Owner: Tom Goldsmith
Great on the surface, not so much underneath. That’s where this father and son came in to return the Alpine to its former glory.

11-bond minicar

Issue: May 2016. Owners: Bond Minicar
Malcolm & Rebecca Parker.
This quirky little number was no small task to restore. A triumph of what can be done in a shed on a budget.

June Willis Resto-1.jpg

14-willis jeep

Issue: June 2016, Owner: Pete Davies
A rare civilian model, this Jeep has been restored to as good as new standard, though crucially not over-done.

17-ford prefect

Issue: August 2016. Owner: Rex Berrecloth
Having stashed his first car away for 40 years, it’s finally back and sitting very pretty indeed after Rex completed his restoration.

20-triumph spitfire

Issue: September 2016. Owner: Vince Gunning. Having fixed a vast amount of
hidden rot, Vince set about building a Spitfire that could cope with modern traffic.

23-morris minor hearse

Issue: November 2016. Owner: Andrew Bywater. Realising there was a gap in the market, this Morris Minor Traveller was converted into an apt vehicle for a last journey.

6-Jaguar 340 (MK2)

Issue: March 2016. Owner: Stuart Exelby
Stuart was determined to restore this ex-police car to perfection. Studying old cinefilm provided many helpful answers.

9-Ford escort rs1600i

Issue: Spring 2016. Owners: Mark Philpin & Lee Pantry. Long days and joint enthusiasm combined to bring this Escort back to life in a tiny garage. The boys did good!

ford capris

Issue: May 2016. Owners: Neil & Stu Reed.
Two brothers and their fabulous Fords. These cars are far more than just metal, having played a huge part in both their lives

15-hillman avenger

Issue: July 2016. Owner: Howard Hargate
After his mum passed away there was only one car that could get Howard’s life back on track – the first he’d ever worked on.

18-triumph tr3A

Issue: August 2016. Owner: David Gillespie
Subtle upgrades have brought this baby triumph storming into the 21st century without losing its classic feel.

21-land rover 109 v8

Issue: October 2016. Owner: Alex Thorpe
Fresh from a seven-year resto, this V8 has got to be the best around. Perfect panel gaps and very original, it’s a real head-turner.


Issue: November 2016. Owner: David New
Found rotting under a tree, this MG was beyond repair. Until David stepped in, that is, combining skill with determination.