practical classics restorer of the year 2018

In association with the Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show 

This year is your chance to choose the top restorer of 2017. All of the restos we featured throughout the year are here, awaiting your vote. The winner will be crowned Practical Classics Restorer of the Year and will win the coveted Golden Spanner award, which will be presented at the Practical Classics Restoration Show (March 23-25). It’s a competition like no other – just to be on this list means they’re the cream of the crop – so choose the winner and help celebrate their greatness. The winning car will be on display on the Practical Classics stand at the show.

How to enter

Our 20 resto finalists are listed below. Simply choose your favourite and click the vote button below your preferred car's image before March 4.  The button will automatically prompt you to send an email to enter the number and name of car in the email subject line. For example: 1 BMW 2002TII. Please also note, only one vote per email address will be counted.


1-BMW 2002tii

Issue: Jan 2017. Owner: Jamie Rose
Pulled out a garden and totally rotten, Jamie's smart BMW took a decade to restore, against a backdrop of personal challenges.


2-Ford ANGLIA 123e super

Issue: Jan 2017. Owner: Dave Hurst
A couple of courses gave dave the skills and confidence to tackle his Anglia as a rolling restoration, with a few subtle upgrades aded, too.


3-Gilbern Invader Mk1

Issue: Feb 2016. Owner: David Nicholson
What does a Vauxhall chief mechanic do when he retires? Why, restore an early Gilbern invader over 18 months of course.


4-Mercedes-Benz 190 Sl

Issue: March 2017. Owner: Mark Messenger
A twice-abandoned complex project finally gets completed over the course of 12 years by an enthusiast inspired by his father.


7-lotus Esprit S1

Issue: Spring 2017. Owner: Paul Coleman
Our real life Q, who took a decade to completely rebuild the 30th Lotus Esprit ever made into a car James Bond would be proud of.


10-ferrari 275

Issue: June 2017. Owner: Andrew Seward
The aspirational tale of how a £30 BSA eventually resulted in fab Ferrari 275, with a great deal of work and trading up involved.


13-Ford Granada 2.8i Ghia

Issue: Sept 2017. Owner: Andrew Hunter
Granada enthusiast Andrew had owned several examples but really wanted a Ghia X. he found one, but it was a big task getting it right.


16-Fiat 500

Issue: Oct 2017. Owner: Colin Hitchcock
Colin bought his little Fiat as boxes of bits. His family helped put him back together in time for the fiat 500 birthday party at Goodwood.


19-Ford Cortina 1.6l Mk V

Issue: Dec 2017. Owner: Kevin Burns and Eric Marshan - Kevin's Cortina was so rusty, he put it up for sale. But then his 81-year-old neighbour Eric pitched in to help him turn things around. 


5-Triumph GT6

Issue: April 2017. Owner: John Heath
After 24 years of wanting a GT6, what john got was a car requiring a lot of work. But he knuckled down and totally transformed it. 


8-Triumph Roadster

Issue: Spring 2017. Owner: Mark Warren
The duo who took a Triumph Roadster that hadn't moved for 30 years and made it into a machine worthy of the Triumph name.


11-Wolseley Hornet

Issue: July 2017. Owner: Michael Shearer        There was never a performance version of Wolseley's Hornet. So Michael thought he should create one, with a 1275 Cooper S engine.


14-Morris Marina 1.3 Mkii

Issue: Sept 2017, Owner: Alex Parrot
All teenager Alex knew about Morris Marinas was that Top Gear liked dropping pianos on them. He did something more worthwhile.


17-Bond Bug

Issue: Nov 2017. Owner: Matt Debbage
Matt wanted a Bond Bug since he was 16. But when he got one, it was damaged and botched, and he had no experience with glassfibre. 

Minor Van.jpg

20 - 1970 Minor Van 

Issue: Nov 2017. Owners Gary Brown & James Bostock - Gary Brown and James Bostock worked hand in hand on their Minor Van…
then James asked Gary for his daughter’s hand in marriage.


6-Mini Cooper 1.3i

Issue: April 2017. Owner: Tobias Press
Teenager Tobias became a classroom legend by restoring the Mini he bought when aged just 13... and then driving it to school. 


9-Triumph Herald estate

Issue: May 2017. Owners: Alan Stepney.  Even with a string of restorations already behind him, alan's rare 13/60 estate proved to be a corrosion-riddled challenge.


12-Autstin-Healey 3000

Issue: Aug 2017. Owners: Ray Lupton
After 30 years in a New York garage, Ray repatriated a rather rusty Austin-Healey and gave it a new lease of life in its homeland.


15-Vauxhall Nova sport

Issue: Oct 2017. Owners: Sean Kell and Lee Valentine
Restoring an Eighties hatch would be a challenge at the best of times. But Sean and Lee had only a three-week window to get the job done.


18-Triumph GT6 Mkiii

Issue: Dec 2017. Owner: Brian Cox
When Brian bought his Gt6 new back in 1972, he probably didn't plan on spending some of his retirement beautifully restoring it.